Romantic ballet in two acts

History of the creation of the ballet

Of all the miracles created by Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” the greatest. Tragedy, written over 500 years ago, today is one of the most striking revelations in the world literature. Indeed, Shakespeare wrote for all ages.

Sergei Prokofiev chose Shakespeare’s story for his debut at the Bolshoi Theatre. Passionate, dynamic, energetic composer put all the ardor of his talent. Alas, his music in the Great considered too complex, and the world premiere of “Romeo …” was held in the Czech Republic (1938). Later will be a huge success at the Kirov Theater with young Ulanova. And finally, years later, the triumph at the Bolshoi Theatre with the same choreography Lavrovsky same unmatched Juliet.

Author version of “Classic Grand Ballet” – Sergey Bykov. His performance attracts young age performers, poignant sincerity of emotional experiences of the characters. He is absolutely consistent with the style of life of the XXI century. Choreographer deliberately cuts, domestic scenes that slow the rapidity of developments. Hence – laconically and mobility performance. Effect enhances the energy of music and author reception kaleidoscopic shifts episodes. At the general expressive background closeup served four leading characters of the tragedy: Juliet, Romeo, Mercutio, Tybalt. They – driving her spring and at the same time – the victim.




Action I

     Area of Verona. Morning. Alone wanders Romeo, son of Montague. He dreams of love. Gradually, the area is filled with townspeople. Servants of the feuding families looking for a quarrel. Sharp jokes turn into insults and end the fight. Appears Tybalt – nephew of the Capulets. Adventurer and bully, he is looking for a reason to fight with the hated Montagues. Weapons at the ready, a fight ensues.

On the square there is the Duke of Verona. He orders to surrender. “From now on, – declares the Duke – who in arms starts a fight, to be executed.” Citizens differ. On the square is Romeo and his friend Mercutio, humorist and prankster.

Trying to escape from unpleasant past events, they decide to sneak under the cover of masks for the ball in the house of Capulet. Preparing for his first ball and Juliet, the only daughter in the family of the Capulets.

The action moved to the house of Capulet. At the height of the ball appear Romeo and Mercutio. Last concerned excitement friend Romeo troubled foreboding. Guests are asked to dance Juliet. Romeo fascinated, can not take my eyes off her (“I did not know the true beauty of this day …”). No less a shock going through and Juliet (“My love knows no bottom …”). Mercutio Romeo tries to explain his sudden feeling foolish, but he remains deaf to the warnings of a friend. Mercutio distracts visitors from Romeo and Juliet, which are explained to each other in love and do not see anyone around. Suddenly Tybalt recognizes Romeo and begins to threaten him, but the way he blocks Mercutio.

Juliet absorbed his sense. After graduating from Ball Romeo hides in the garden. Met there with Juliet, he swears eternal fidelity to her. Padre Lorenzo blesses their secret alliance, hoping to stop the endless bloody feud of the two families.

Action II

     On the streets of Verona colorful carnival parades. Suddenly, the Tybalt. He challenges Romeo, but he refuses to accept a call from a relative of his wife. Aggressive Tybalt is not complacent. Then Mercutio accepts his challenge. In a duel Tybalt inflicts a mortal wound, and Mercutio dies at the hands of Romeo. Overcome by grief, Romeo rushes to the weapon and kills Tybalt. Hope for a possible reconciliation of families lost again. Ruler of Verona condemns Romeo to eternal exile.

The night before the separation Romeo, risking their lives, sneaking onto a secret rendezvous with Juliet. Fate gives them a minute of happiness. The last time embracing his Romeo Juliet, the lovers are separated.

Capulet forced Juliet to marry. In the confusion she runs for help to Lorenzo. He gives her a potion that she falls asleep after drinking a deep sleep, like death. Mourned the untimely death of his daughter, Capulet bury her in the family vault. Hence, at the appointed time, it had to take Romeo to take out of Verona. So promised Padre Lorenzo. Adopting a false death of his beloved for this, he drinks the poison. Juliet wakes up too late to see the death of Romeo and kills himself to his dagger. Now and forever they will be inseparable.


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